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16/S- 86% Cotton 14% Polly Ring Spun - Premium Quality Open End Terry Towels

COLOR TOWELS 16/S Ring Spun Premium Quality Yarn

ProductsWeightSizePackU of M
TBS-S-11Bath Sheet11.030x6010Dozen
TBT-S-10Bath Towels10.025x5010Dozen
TBT-S-8Bath Towels8.024x4810Dozen
TBM-S-8Bath Mat7.020x3010Dozen
TPT-S-8Pool Towel- centre blue stripe  8.024x4810Dozen
TBT-S-6Bath Towels6.022x4410Dozen
THT-S-3Hand Towels3.016x2725Dozen
TFT-S-1Face Towels1.012x12100Dozen

CodeProductsWeightSizePackU of M
DFT-RS-1Face Towel1.012x1225Dozen
DHT-RS-3Hand Towels3.016x2710Dozen
DBT-RS-11Bath Towels11.025x5004Dozen

16/S- 100% Cotton- Premium Quality Open End Terry Towels

CodeProductsWeightSizePackU of M
TBT-D-14Bath Towels14.027x5404Dozen
TBT-D-15Bath Towels15.527x5404Dozen
THT-D-4.5Hand Towels4.516x3010Dozen
TBM-D-1.5Face Towels1.513x1325Dozen
THT-RS-11Bath Mat10.522x3404Dozen


CodeProductsWeightSizePackU of M
TBT-RS10.5Bath Towels10.525x5004Dozen
TBT-RS-8Bath Towels8.024x4804Dozen
TBT-RS-6Bath Towels6.022x4404Dozen
TBM-RS-8Bath Mat7.520x3004Dozen
THT-RS-3Hand Towels3.016x2710Dozen
TFT-RS-1Face Towels1.012x1225Dozen
TFT-RS-1.5Face Towels1.513x1325Dozen

Colour: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Navy, Steel Grey, Gold, Ivory, Hunter Green & Beige

16/S- Ring Spun Premium Quality DOBBY BORDER