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Teddy Bear


Supplies Needed

1. 6 Beach or Bath Towels
2. Googly Eyes or Paper Eyes

Lay one bath towel out flat. Fold both long sides over an inch or two on top of the towel. Start rolling from one short end and keep rolling until the entire towel is rolled. Repeat with a second towel.

When you are ready to assemble the alligator these two towels will stand up like arches to form the legs.

Take one bath towel and find the center of one long side. Tuck the center bit under your chin, hang it on a peg, or have someone hold it for you. Roll in both sides at the same time making sure to work your hands up and down the rolls to get them as tight as you can.

Keep rolling and until the entire towel is rolled down both sides. To watch a video where you can see a cabin steward fold a towel this way.

Repeat with two more towels. One will form the tail and the other two the head.

Lay the last towel out flat. Place the two head towels on one end with the pointed ends away from the flat towel. Place the tail towel on the other side of the flat towel with the pointed end hanging out the opposite way. Wrap the flat towel around the wide ends of the other three towels to make the alligator’s body.

Place one leg towel under the front of the alligator’s body standing on both ends like an arch to support the head and front half of the body. Place the other leg towel at the back end of the body to support the tail and back half of the alligator’s body.

Tuck in any loose ends and shape body, head, and tail as desired. Add eyes to the head. 

Supplies Needed
1. Bath Towel
2. Hand Towel
3. Eyes

Lay the bath towel out flat and roll both ends to the middle.

Flip it over so the rolls are on the bottom.  Fold one end up about a third of the way over the upside-down rolls.

Turn it over so the folded side is on the bottom.

Unroll the ends farthest away from the folded part.

Keep unrolling until it spreads the width you want your stingray to be.  The folded under part may unroll a bit while you do this until it is about a fourth of the way under the towel instead of a third as it started.  (Note: the book directions say only to fold it back a forth to start with, but their sketches show it from a third to nearly halfway.)

Making the Towel Stingray Tail
Lay the hand towel out flat.  Use a finger to hold down a corner, and roll the short side from that corner.

Continue rolling from that corner until the whole towel becomes one roll.

Assembling the Towel Stingray
Put the rolled tail under the body so the corner where the roll started hangs out as the tip of its tail and the other end reaches the ends of the rolls folded underneath its body.

Shape as desired and add eyes.

Giant Towel Alligator

Carnival Towel Animal Book Stingray

Lay a bath towel flat.

Fold the top two corners downwards and inwards so that they meet in the center.

Roll the two outside edges inwards toward the center.

Fold the resulting arrow in to a Z.

Set the Z down and squeeze the corners to set the curves.

Repeat for a swan companion whose neck can complete a heart shape.


Supplies Needed

1. Hand towel
2. A small elastic
3. Some ribbon
4. Felt and scissors

Fold two corners diagonally till they meet in the middle as shown in the picture below.

Now fold the closest end to the middle as shown in the pictures below.

Now roll the end closest to you until the towel looks like this.

Keeping your hands on either side of the Towel Snake, twist the bottom around itself twice (the pointed side is the head) as shown in the pictures below

Now fold the tip down 


Supplies Needed
1. Hand Towel
2. Bath Towel
3. Eyes (bits of cloth or paper or googly eyes)

Roll the hand towel lengthwise.  The whole towel in one roll.  Yup, it’s that easy.

Making the Stingray Body

Fold Towel in half crosswise.

Fold in half on the diagonal so it makes a triangle.

Assembling the Towel Stingray

Place the body over the tail so the long side is centered over one end of the tail and the point sits on the tail roll.

Shape the towel body along the edges of the towel roll.

Fold over the tips on each side.

Add eyes.

Astika’s Stingray

Fold the towel in half diagonally so you make a triangle. Slightly offset the top points. It looks like Mount Fuji!

Pull on the top points a little to make them completely straight.

Grasp the bottom of the towel (Mount Fuji’s base) and roll it 3/4 of the way up.

Grasp the center of the towel and pull the middle towards you, pinching it together.

The two small ends of the towel that are sticking up will become the rabbit’s ears, so give them a little shape.

 Just to make things a lot easier while finishing off the rest of the body, secure a rubber band around the rabbit’s neck (the part behind the ears). You can skip this part once you’ve gotten used to making towel bunnies, but for now, let’s use it.

Slightly open the two rolls of towel that are sticking out.

Cross the two open rolls over each other. These are your bunny’s legs!

Fold the legs under the bunny’s body, making sure the front legs are nestled under his chin.

Secure the bunny’s feet with the same rubber band that’s around his neck.

Fluff up the backside and you’ve got yourself an adorable towel bunny!



Supplies Needed
1. 1 bath towel
2. 1 washcloth
3. 1 clothes hanger
4. 2 clothespins

Roll the left side in to the middle.

Now roll the right side in to meet the other.

Now fold the towel in half, keeping the rounded sides facing out.

Look inside of each circle and locate the four corners and expose them slightly.

Once you have exposed all the corners, grab all four at the same time and pull apart at the same time/

Now hang it from the clothes hanger using the clothespins.

Now for the head.

Fold the washcloth corner to corner like a triangle.

Now fold the sides into the middle point as shown in the pictures below.

Now fold the washcloth in half.

Now pull the folded end over the corners as shown in the pictures below.

Now place the head between the two arms of the Monkey.

Supplies Needed

1. Bath Towel

Fold two corners diagonally till they meet in the middle as shown in the picture below.

Now fold the closest end to the middle as shown in the pictures below.

Now roll the end closest to you until the towel looks like this.

Keeping your hands on either side of the Towel Snake, twist the bottom around itself twice (the pointed side is the head) as shown in the pictures below

Now fold the tip down 


Fold 1 of the narrow edges of a rectangular towel over 2/3 of the way. Choose a rectangular towel and spread it on a flat surface with 1 of the long edges facing you. Take 1 of the narrow edges and fold it just past the center, about 2/3 of the way.

Take the top edge and roll it towards the middle of the towel. Weigh it down with something, like a cellphone or a book, then roll the bottom edge towards the middle too.

Flip the towel over and find the center. Make sure that the smooth part of the towel is facing you. The crease created from when you rolled the towel should be in the back. Find the center by folding the towel in half or just eyeballing it.

Twist the thicker end so that the crease is visible. You may notice that 1 of the ends of your towel is thicker than the other. This is from when you folded the towel over. Keep the thicker end in your left hand and the thinner end in your right. Twist the thicker end so that the crease caused by the rolling is now in the front.

Fold the towel in half about 3/4 of the way. Take the thinner end and fold it over onto the thicker end, about 3/4 of the way. How much you have sticking out from under the thinner end depends on the size of the towel. The larger the towel, is, the more you'll have sticking out.

Wrap a rubber band around the towel to create the bear's head. Place the rubber band about 1/3 of the way down from the folded end of the towel. Wrap the rubber band 2 to 3 times around the towel so that it cinches it tightly and creates a "neck."

Wrap a ribbon around the bear's neck. Choose a ribbon color that goes well with your towel. Wrap it around the neck of the bear to hide the elastic, then tie it into a bow. 

Supplies Needed
1. Bath Towel
2. Hand Towel

Open towel and lay flat Open the bath towel lengthwise and lay it flat on the floor. Roll each side inward, toward the center.

Fold in half at center Fold the rolled towel in half with each rolled side serving as a pair of elephant legs, and then stand the legs up.

Roll hand towel Hold the center of the edge of the hand towel between your teeth. Using your hands, roll the top edges inward and downward, making a narrow upside-down 'V.'

Roll up bottom three inches Roll the point of the 'V' up three inches to form the upward curve of an elephant trunk.

Pull top for flap ears Pull down the top layer of the wide end of the trunk to form the ears. Tip Place animal eyes – which can be purchased at a craft store – at the top of the hand towel, above the flap and between the ears.

Set atop larger towel Set the hand towel trunk with ears and eyes on top of the larger towel, which will serve as the body.