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OCS Odour Eliminator

An all purpose broad spectrum odour eliminator. For use in washrooms, garbage cans, refuse disposal bins, lockers, changing rooms, and in places where offensive odours are present. A super concentrate with a pleasant lemon scent.

Sizes Available
12x1L     4x4L

Aroma Air Freshener

Ready-to-use liquid air fresheners remove unpleasant odours and leave behind a clean fresh scent. Exceptionally effective room deodorizers for use in schools, restaurants, vehicles, hospitals, day cares, animal areas, home and office.  Non-aerosol air fresheners.
Available in lemon, springtime, and vanilla.

Sizes Available

Meadow Breeze End Odour

End Odour is a concentrated deodorizer which quickly and easily removes unpleasant odours, leaving behind a clean fresh fragrance. End Odour is an exceptionally effective liquid deodorizer. Great for use in schools, restaurants, vehicles, hospitals, daycare centres, animal areas, home and office and many more.

Sizes Available

Diamond Urinal Screen

Hawcos’ 2.2oz Micro metered air freshener contain premium long lasting fragrance power.  The refills last 15 to 60 days depending on spray interval setting.  It is used as our low profile micro aerosol dispenser.
Available in Crisp Linen Scent

Sizes Available

​Micro Aerosol Dispenser​

Odour control

Diamond Urinal Screen have a continuous scent release, becoming even strong when in contact with urine.  It will avoid splashing and reducing time spent cleaning urinals.  They are designed with debris trap preventing that passage of chewing gum, wrappers etc.
Available in Lavendar or Mango

Sizes Available