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Canadian Shield Ice Melt

Canadian Shield Liquid Ice Melt is an environmentally friendly liquid ice and snow melt.  It is specially formulated with inhibitors designed to quickly melt any ice or snow when it comes in contact.  It effectively prevents ice from bonding and sticking to surfaces.  The visible marker dye assists in proper application, reducing waste.  Non-corrosive and safe for grasses and shrubs.  Our most economical liquid ice melt!

Sizes Available
4x4L 20L 204L 1000L

Earth Care Crystals

Earth Care Crystals are less harmful to vegetation, grass and other plant life.  Highly visible green colour indicator.  Safer for children and pets.

Sizes Available

Safe & Sure Ice Melt

Save and Sure highly concentrated ice melting pellets.  Melt ice promptly with fast acting built in protection against refreezing even to temperatures down to 30 degrees below zero.

Sizes Available

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